Voice and Data Communications Products

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We would be pleased to quote or have you evaluate our voice and data communications products.

Advanced Engineering

Our experienced in-house team of industry professionals can assist you ADC/Kentrox/U/B, which includes K-Pads and Attenuator Mountings, Alarm Annunciator Panels, Delta and Splitter / Concentrator Bridges, Relays, Fuse Blocks and Panels....

Quality Assurance

The quality of our products starts with our highly skilled engineers, assemblers, and technicians. And ends when they deliver a quality product built to your specifications.


Fast shipments, reliability, favorable pricing, and warranties are our company goals.

Made in the USA

We are located in Beaverton, Oregon. Designs are made by Accurate's professional electrical and mechanical engineers.


Packaging your product is time-consuming and Accurate Electronics can help you assemble and package your product so that you can save time and energy.

Responsive Manufacturing

We are here for you.



Our dynamic team can also assist with post production mechanical assembly of enclosures, electronic cables, and fixtures.



SMT is a process of mounting components on the surface of printed circuit boards. SMT has many advantages including small components, higher density and lower production costs.



Mixed technology is a combination of both thru-hole and surface-mount technology. Thru-hole components are waved or hand solder after SMT components are completed.



Is the mounting process of assembling electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCB) that involves inserting a component through pre drilled holes. The components are place on the PCB by hand or by an automated insertion mount machine. The parts are than waved solders or hand added

Always Committed

Accurate Electronics is a company that is committed and dedicated to the success of our customers. We understand that when you entrust us to manufacture and assemble your products, you place the reputations of your brands in our hands. Therefore, we strive to deliver the highest quality product possible.

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